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About Us

Butterfly Tribe, Simply referred to as BT, is a technology company that provides customized software solutions for the financial and information sectors targeting both the local and regional markets. Our superior and highly innovative solutions, coupled with excellence in delivery, have seen us gradually gain ground in the competition landscape. At BT, we like to ensure that we don’t build solutions just for the sake of it; rather we invest heavily in researching industry trends with the focus of building solutions for real world challenges.

What we value

  •    Integrity
  •    Efficiency
  •    Value-creation

Accelerate Development

Let your business grow inside or outside through superb technology.Discover our disciplines here.

UX Division

we develop the best user interface for users. This team is comprised of creative designers And front end engineers.

Backend Team

This team delivers the best database technology and APIs for your platform for easy Android, IOS and web integration.


They make sure the code is bug free and safe from malicious internet users.

Business Developers

They help develop the business logic for you software and offer the best revenue income strategy.